This Sunday: Bring a friend, eat good food, consider your calling, write your story!

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Join the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Erie County on the Lower Level of the First Congregational United Church of Christ, 431 Columbus Avenue in Sandusky, this Sunday, March 3, at 10:30am. Rev. Mary Grigolia will be speaking about callings. Potluck and mini-workshop “Writing your UU Story” to follow. Bring a friend – All are welcome! Use either of the back entrances, go to basement level – Handicap Accessible. Find us online at, Facebook & Twitter, too!

More Information about this Sunday:

What Are We Called to Do?

What do our principles and values require of us? How are we called ethically and religiously, as individuals and as a congregation? Explore calling with Rev Mary Grigolia.


How do we let folks know about our congregation?

Through stories.

It’s a paradox: Your story is personal, yet also universal.

Hearing your story about the search for spiritual community (or another experience with UU) makes me aware of my own yearning for meaning and connection.

Join us for an after-service mini-workshop to write and share our stories about UU: how you got here, what gives you hope, how it’s changed you….

With your permission, we’ll post the stories and testimonials on this congregational website, to make our congregation and religious path come alive for folks searching for community like ours.


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