Mary Grigolia: “American Dreaming” and New Member Induction, Followed by Potluck and Membership Meeting


Sunday Service, May 5 – AMERICAN DREAMING: What is the dream guiding America today? Is there a dream? Should there be? What is the role of organized religion in a collective dream? How might we become a congregation of lucid dreamers, for America and beyond? Service led by Rev. Mary Grigolia

Of Note:  This Sunday, we will be welcoming a few new members to our Fellowship: Steve Hall, Paul Kay, Beverly Kendall, and Tricia O’Connor.

Service will be followed by a Potluck and Membership Meeting.

Mary’s Musings

As a minister, the month of May is always about mothering and remembering: Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. On a personal level, it asks: How do we care for those whose lives touch ours? How do honor those who went before? How do hope to be remembered? And at the collective level it challenges and encourages us to be aware of a community of care. How are we caring for the families and individuals in our community? This year, I find myself sitting with our responsibility to care for those who would join us. To mother them. To remember the dream of those who came before. What happens when we welcome immigrants but don’t provide a way for them and for their children to understand and enter into the collective life? How do we remember those dreamers and doers who have made possible the dream of America, a society founded on a dream of freedom – freedom to believe what is true for you as an individual, freedom to gather as congregations, freedom to pursue what makes you happy, what makes us happy. Is our dream big enough? Is there a new dream stirring?


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