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End of Season Announcements

UU Fellowship, FirelandsDear Fellowship–
At our Board meeting Sunday, the following 2 items were discussed:

2:00 PM SUNDAY, MAY 21 (Note: this is the 3rd Sunday in May, to avoid Mother’s Day.)
the Boardman Room, 1st floor of the UCC
We’ll have our meeting first followed by an appetizer buffet.
Please BYOB and bring a delicious appetizer–sweet or savory, light or heavy–to share.

BOARD ELECTIONS–This is important! Please read!
The current officers and trustees have been serving for a number of years.
We decided that, if the Fellowship wants to continue next year, a new slate of officers/trustees needs to
take over. If you are willing to serve on the Board, please contact Bill Djubek ASAP at
or 419-626-8233.

“Profiling, Prejudice, Racism, Discrimination and Bias—Why? Why not?”

“Profiling, Prejudice, Racism, Discrimination and Bias—Why- Why not-”
Due to a speaker issue, we will not be hearing our scheduled presenter Sunday but the one who was supposed to speak last month.  So . . .
Psychology, Sociology & Statistics Professor at LCCC
“Profiling, Prejudice, Racism, Discrimination and Bias—Why? Why not?”