Digital and Social Media Tutorials

Welcome to our online Digital and Social media tutorial!


We have been discussing, in meetings and such, how we need to attract new, younger members to our Fellowship.  Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30 years old.  AND, everyone from the Millennium generation, through generations Y and X, and baby boomers are using social media and the internet to get their information and stay connected with family and friends. Gone are the days where people look up things in the phone book, and numbered are the days when people read a paper newspaper. Direct advertising is being replaced by word-of-mouth  on the internet, especially social sites! This is why a digital/online presence is so important to our Fellowship.
  I have had several requests for instructions/help/explanations on why, where, and how to use our digital media, so here we go!
  This week, we’ll start with social media in general.  What is social media?  Social media is basically any place on the internet where people can interact.  Usually, a person has to sign-up for the site (username and password), and has a public profile of some sort. That person can then interact by leaving comments, posting status updates, pictures, videos, etc. What are some popular social media sites?  Who uses them, and how do they work?
  Please start with this video from Common Craft: Social Media in Plain English
  Now that you understand what social media is, watch this brisk video that will impress you with its amazing statistics on popular social media in 2013.
  For those of you who enjoy reading and looking at graphics and stats:   Each year, Nielson puts out a “state of social media” report.  It’s really interesting, and includes popular social media broken down by age, gender, and even nationality.
  I hope this little tutorial was helpful in explaining the who, where, why, what, and how of social media!
  Please let me know if you have any questions.
  Next on the list: Facebook!
(Each specific tool’s tutorial will be listed under this parent page. More pages will be added over the summer of 2013)
ALL TUTORIALS, COPYRIGHT ROSEANNA HOLLO, DBA: Everything’s Rosy Digital Marketing, 2013.  DO NOT COPY

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