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Adventure Playground Brings Community Together

Adventure Playground Brings Community Together

This Sunday, we’ll think about and discuss the concept of the shrinking middle class, and action that is being taken to address this concern.

Unitarian Universalist Fellow­ship of the Firelands, meeting in the lower level of First Congregational Church, 431 Columbus Ave., Sandusky will present “Adventure Playground” with Tricia O’Connor, at 10:30 a.m. Children’s Religious Education available. Enter through glass doors at rear of church and take elevator down. A liberal religion that embraces diversity.

Below, you will find some reading to introduce you to the background subject about which Tricia will be speaking on Sunday.

Do you agree there has been a growing division between the upper and lower class in the Firelands area? What can be done to help bridge this gap?

The Times article (Excerpt)
“Putnam’s Times article discussed the loss of connection and community and the widening divide between the privileged and the poor, and created much discussion in Port Clinton. Many of Port Clinton’s civic and education leaders responded that the portrayal was in some ways unfair, in particular the Times’ lead photo of the demolition of the old middle school, as the middle school has been replaced by a new middle school.”